Are you at a crossroads on whether to buy an All-Wheel Drive or Four-Wheel Drive model? Then wonder no more. We at David Westcott Buick GMC are here to help you out. We advise our customers so that they make an informed decision on which vehicle to purchase.

Both AWD and 4WD enhance acceleration in wet and slippery conditions. The AWD system uses a front, rear and center differential to generate power across all the four wheels, while 4WD uses only two differential and transfer cases to create the force to all four wheels of the vehicle. A 4WD system is the preferred system of many truck drivers, offering enhanced towing ability depending on terrain. AWD is better for people that want a lower-cost of maintenance as well as a more intuitive experience behind the wheel. Additional benefits of AWD or 4WD include:

  • Excellent acceleration
  • Remarkable traction and towing ability
  • Added resale value
  • Versatility

Visit us at David Westcott Buick GMC here in Burlington, NC for more information about the two types and experience one of our test drives.

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