Before you take your next road trip, be sure and make out a good checklist. Here are some suggestions to help make sure your holiday traveling goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Be sure and bring in your vehicle for a quick inspection. Prevention is the cure for unexpected breakdowns on your trip
  • Use a good trip router such as Google Maps so you can get the most efficient directions
  • Pack a good first aid kit just in case someone gets a cut, bump or a bruise
  • Plan for stops along the way. If you get tired, stop for a rest or get a snack. Pack some food and snacks for just such an occasion
  • Make reservations for hotels, motels, and meals in advance, so that you will know you have a place to stay and to eat
  • If the weather is cold, take blankets and extra warm clothing

Drive safely and enjoy the holidays! If your vehicle needs any service before you head out give our service center a call today.

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