Tire tread is vitally important to your safety when traveling in your vehicle whether it be down the road or to the other side of the country. Having little to no tread on your tires not only puts your safety and the safety of others at risk it is actually illegal in many places to knowingly drive on tires with minimum tread.

So how can you tell if the tread on your tires is adequate and safe? There are a few different ways including some that you can do yourself at home. The penny test is always a good guide. This is where you place a penny in the tread of the tire. If you can see Abe Lincoln's forehead it is time to get some new tires for your vehicle.

Another way you can find out if the tread on your tires is safe to travel on is to bring your vehicle by [dealers name] and let one of our professional staff members precisely measure how much tread is remaining. If it's been a while since you changed your tires, it would be a great idea to check your tread today!

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